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  Gettysburg: The Nature of a Battlefield by Patricia Rich

For the Gettysburg enthusiast who has everything (or would like to), Gettysburg Publishing announces the upcoming release of Gettysburg: The Nature of a Battlefield  by Patricia Rich.

Patricia Rich, battlefield enthusiast and photographer, has compiled an incredible selection of her best photos into a handy field guide to birds and flowers that can be found in the Gettysburg National Military Park. This book contains page after page of full-color photos along with short descriptions of a large variety of birds and flowers photographed while on tours and random excursions within the Park. Small enough to throw into your backpack, tote bag, or glove compartment, but large enough for easy identifications while in the field, this guide will soon become a favorite for the battlefield trekker, casual visitor, or true lover of nature.

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Coming this spring

 A note from the owner of Gettysburg Publishing LLC

I would like to take a moment to thank all our customers and fans for a wonderful 2014.  I would also like to wish everyone a Happy  and Healthy New Year in 2015.

The staff and myself are looking forward to a great year ahead.  We are starting it out with Gettysburg Publishing author Phil Laino and his masterpiece " The revised and updated Gettysburg Campaign Atlas."  The excitement and interest in Mr. Laino's work has been overwhelming but comes as no surprise as many have his original book and are excited for the new information and maps.  

Next up we have Patricia Rich and her upcoming book on the flowers and wildlife on the battlefield.  It will be of interest to those, like myself that have a vast appreciation for the battlefield. I look forward to identifying many of the wonderful subjects Patricia has beautifully photographed and described in her upcoming book, we are looking at a spring release.

To those who don't know, we opened a shop in Gettysburg called "Gettysburg Publishing and more" and we welcome all those who come to Gettysburg to stop in and say hello.  The shop is located in Old Gettysburg Village (across from the Tour Center/Jennie Wade house) and has all our titles and many other great items.

In conclusion, we have many surprises in 2015 and look forward to meeting all of you at our book-signings, author talks or in our shop.

All our books are printed in the USA

Thank you,


​Gettysburg Publishing

It's  Here !!!!!!!


  The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas

Gettysburg Publishing is proud to release the REVISED

and EXPANDED edition of Phil Laino's masterpiece

"The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas."   The new Atlas consists

of 444 maps encompassing the march to Gettysburg, July 1st,

July 2nd, July 3rd, and the retreat and pursuit.

This book is a MUST for any serious student of the battle




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