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                    Gettysburg's Coster Avenue..........The Brickyard Fight and the Mural

                                                                             By Mark H. Dunkelman

​ Mark is the artist of the Coster Avenue Mural in Gettysburg and he will be telling the story of the brickyard fight during the battle, as well as the thought and story of the mural told in the artist's own words.  

 Jennie Wade of Gettysburg............The Complete Story of the Only Civilian Killed During the Battle of Gettysburg

                                                                                          By Cindy L. Small

 Author Cindy Small brings to life  "Jennie Wade of Gettysburg".  Jennie is one of the most recognized  civilians of the American Civil War.

Jennie was a kind hearted young lady and the only civilian killed during the three day battle.

                                                                                                                                                       Coming Soon


Scott Mingus, Sr.  is teaming up with new Gettysburg Publishing author, Gerard Mayers to bring us a soon to be released book looking at the Irish in the Civil War and the human interest stories that bring them to life.

Author James Smith II will be bringing to life the story of Union Brigadier General John C. Caldwell.  Caldwell  commanded the 1st Division of the 2nd Army Corps in the Army of the Potomac.  He will examine the instrumental role they played in the fight of the Bloody Wheatfield of Gettysburg in his new book- Storming the Wheatfield:  The Story of John C. Caldwell’s Division in the Gettysburg Campaign.

We will also be releasing "Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg 2" by Kevin Drake and new Gettysburg Publishing author James Smith II.  This will continue in the tradition of the question and answer format of  "Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg" (2010)

​                             We would like to welcome the newest members of the Gettysburg Publishing Family:

                                                                           Carolyn Ivanoff

We would also like to welcome Carolyn Ivanoff  as our newest author.  Carolyn brings a great amount of knowledge on a variety of Civil War topics.  

                                                                                      Joe Owen

Joe will bring a unique look at the men of Texas who fought at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Joe has researched some wonderful facts

and human interest stories that will be of interest to those that research and enjoy reading about the Battle.

 In conclusion, we have many surprises coming up in 2018 and look forward to meeting all of you at our book-signings events and author talks.  

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                                                                                              Kevin Drake

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  The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas

Gettysburg Publishing is proud to have released the REVISED

and EXPANDED edition of Phil Laino's masterpiece

"The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas."   The new Atlas consists

of 444 maps encompassing the march to Gettysburg, July 1st,

July 2nd, July 3rd, and the retreat and pursuit.

This book is a MUST for any serious student of the battle




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Gettysburg Publishing LLC is dedicated to publishing high quality historical books and other resources for the general public, researchers, armchair historians and students.


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Jennie Wade of Gettysburg

Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade. Jennie was the only Gettysburg civilian to be killed outright during the battle. In 21st Century wars, civilian deaths are very common, but during the Civil War, citizens were usually unscathed if they were able to stay out of harm’s way. However, on July 3 Jennie was kneading dough for biscuits at her sister’s home on Baltimore Street when she was killed instantly as a bullet passed through two wooden doors and struck her heart. That, unfortunately, is usually all visitors hear about this “Gettysburg Maid”—a mere sentence or two.

Now, with this book, Jennie Wade of Gettysburg: The Complete Story of the Only Civilian Killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, a visitor seeking more of her story may now be satis ed. The author has investigated as many sources as possible to write the full saga of Jennie’s life, death and all three burials. 

Gettysburg Publishing are Proud members of IBPA & APSS

This is our mascot at Gettysburg Publishing, Bentley.   Bentley was a rescue, like his brother and two sisters that are now part of the owners family.  Gettysburg Publishing and its authors are staunch supporter's of animal rescue, just like Bentley, we believe all animals should have a loving home.

Look for Bentley when we conduct  our animal fundraisers with animal rescue groups.   

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​Gettysburg Publishing Author

                 Phil Laino

Our Four-Legged Friends  

​​This is Sallie on the 11th PA monument and Bentley's hero.   At the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863 the men of the 11th Pa and their little mascot fought hard against the Confederate Army before retreating from their position. They discovered that their faithful friend was not to be found amongst them after relocating away from the heavy fighting  . Days later, after the Confederate retreat, she was found laying amongst the fallen soldiers from the first day’s conflict, just barely alive herself she faithfully stayed behind and never left her comrades, even as the Confederate Army passed by.  Sallie was a canine hero of the battle.

Please make a point of visiting Sallie on your next visit to Gettysburg.


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                           Gettysburg's Coster Avenue


Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural tells the story of his crowning artistic achievement: the large public artwork that stands next to the 154th New York’s Gettysburg monument. The Coster Avenue Mural depicts the regiment in action on the battle’s First Day, at the very site on which it occurred.  The book is seen through the  artist eyes of the mural, Mark H. Dunkelman.  It started from a pencil sketch to one of the most beloved pieces of art on the battlefield.