​                                 A note from the owner of Gettysburg Publishing LLC

​ I would like to take a moment to thank all our customers and fans for all your support in 2017 as we look forward to 2018 at Gettysburg Publishing.

We have released "The Complete Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign"  by Scott Mingus Sr.   We have combined the best stories of  Scott's two current volumes and added many more great stories and photos of volume three in one book . 

Scott Mingus, Sr.  is teaming up with New Gettysburg Publishing author, Gerard Mayers to bring us a soon to be released book looking at the Irish in the Civil War.

We will also be releasing "Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg 2" by Kevin Drake and new Gettysburg Publishing author James Smith II.  This will continue in the tradition of the question and answer format of  "Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg" (2010)

We are currently working with Gettysburg Publishing author Cindy Small bringing you

to life  "Jennie Wade of Gettysburg".  Jennie is one of the most recognized  civilians of the American Civil War.

​We would like to welcome our newest members of the Gettysburg Publishing Family:

Mark H. Dunkelman.  

Mark is the artist of the Coster Avenue Mural in Gettysburg and he will be telling the story of the brickyard fight during the battle, as well as the thought and story of the mural told in the artist's own words.  

 Carolyn Ivanoff.

We would also like to welcome Carolyn Ivanoff  as our newest author.  Carolyn brings a great amount

of knowledge on a variety of Civil War topics.  

Joe Owen.

Joe will bring a unique look at the men of Texas who fought at the battle of Gettysburg. 


In conclusion, we have many surprises coming up in 2018 and look forward to meeting all of you at our book-signings events and author talks.  

All of us at Gettysburg Publishing  are very passionate about our history and dedicated to the animal causes we support.


As always, all our books are printed in the GOOD OLD USA !!!!

Thank you all so much for all your support.



​Gettysburg Publishing LLC

  The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas

Gettysburg Publishing is proud to have released the REVISED

and EXPANDED edition of Phil Laino's masterpiece

"The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas."   The new Atlas consists

of 444 maps encompassing the march to Gettysburg, July 1st,

July 2nd, July 3rd, and the retreat and pursuit.

This book is a MUST for any serious student of the battle




         About Gettysburg Publishing

Gettysburg Publishing LLC is dedicated to publishing high quality historical books and other resources for the general public, researchers, armchair historians and students.

  Gettysburg: The Nature of a Battlefield by Patricia Rich

For the Gettysburg enthusiast who has everything (or would like to), Gettysburg Publishing announces the upcoming release of Gettysburg: The Nature of a Battlefield  by Patricia Rich.

Patricia Rich, battlefield enthusiast and photographer, has compiled an incredible selection of her best photos into a handy field guide of birds and flowers that can be found in the Gettysburg National Military Park. This book contains page after page of full-color photos along with short descriptions of a large variety of birds and flowers photographed while on tours and random excursions within the park. Small enough to throw into your backpack, tote bag, or glove compartment, but large enough for easy identification while in the field, this guide will soon become a favorite for the battlefield trekker, casual visitor, or true lover of nature.

  Experience ALL that the battlefield has to offer.


********Now Available******



The long awaited release of "Elizabeth Thorn of Gettysburg" will be available on December 20th.  According to the history books, the story of the Battle of Gettysburg ended when the armies departed on July 4,1863. But for the citizens of Gettysburg, their story was just beginning. Many survived three days (July 1-3, 1863) of battle that raged around and through their farms and homes and were left alone to pick up the pieces. To a casual observer, Elizabeth Thorn was no different than all of the other civilians doing their part to restore their town from the devastation of war. However, upon further investigation, she was very different. No other woman in town was a six-month pregnant mother, who simultaneously managed both a household and a cemetery, and acted as sole caretaker to two aging parents.  No other woman was asked to dig nearly a hundred soldiers’
graves. Elizabeth performed all of these strenuous tasks in the heat and the stench of a battlefield of bodies left to rot in the hot summer sun. This is her story and the story of the Evergreen Cemetery, a small-town burial ground that acquired national fame.

​Kathryn Porch and Sue Boardman  - 84 pages

Elizabeth Thorn of Gettysburg******* Now Available

This is our mascot at Gettysburg Publishing, Bentley.   Bentley was a rescue, like his brother and two sisters that are now part of the owners family.  Gettysburg Publishing and its authors are staunch supporter's of animal rescue, just like Bentley, we believe all animals should have a loving home.

Look for Bentley when we conduct  our animal fundraisers with animal rescue groups.   


"The Complete Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign" written by award winning author, Scott Mingus,Sr.

We have taken the the best stories of volume one and two and added new stories and photos to make this issue "The Complete edition" of Scott's hard work and research.  Taken from primary sources, including, diaries, pension records, historical collections, official records, journals,newspapers and books,   presented in chronological order. The Complete Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign will resonate with all those who have an interest in those  fascinating stories, some humorous, some tragic, as seen through the eyes of the soldiers and civilians.

​A great gift for those interested in the Battle of Gettysburg..........160 pages

Proud members of:

                                 ***On Sale now****

                                      The Complete 
Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign



​Gettysburg Publishing Author Phil Laino

​​This is Sallie on the 11th PA monument and Bentley's hero.   At the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863 the men of the 11th Pa and their little mascot fought hard against the Confederate Army before retreating from their position. They discovered that their faithful friend was not to be found amongst them after relocating away from the heavy fighting  . Days later, after the Confederate retreat, she was found laying amongst the fallen soldiers from the first day’s conflict, just barely alive herself she faithfully stayed behind and never left her comrades, even as the Confederate Army passed by.  Sallie was a canine hero of the battle.

Please make a point of visiting Sallie on your next visit to Gettysburg.