Elizabeth Thorn of Gettysburg

   Kathryn Porch and Sue Boardman

Gettysburg- The Nature of a Battlefield

              Patricia Rich

Scott L. Mingus, Sr.

Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade. Jennie was the only Gettysburg civilian to be killed outright during the battle. In 21st Century wars, civilian deaths are very common, but during the Civil War, citizens were usually unscathed if they were able to stay out of harm’s way. However, on July 3 Jennie was kneading dough for biscuits at her sister’s home on Baltimore Street when she was killed instantly as a bullet passed through two wooden doors and struck her heart. That, unfortunately, is usually all visitors hear about this “Gettysburg Maid”—a mere sentence or two.
Now, with this book, Jennie Wade of Gettysburg: The Complete Story of the Only Civilian Killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, a visitor seeking more of her story may now be satis ed. The author has investigated as many sources as possible to write the full saga of Jennie’s life, death and all three burials.Type your paragraph here.

​Jennie Wade of Gettysburg.....104 pages

Gettysburg-The Nature of a Battlefield is a wonderful guide to the plants and wildlife of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  Author Patricia Rich has spent many years on the Gettysburg Battlefield and has brought to life, with over 160+ pages of stunning photography the plants and animals that inhabit the battlefield today.  This is a wonderful handy guide for all those who visit today's Gettysburg Battlefield or anyone that has a passion for breathtaking outdoor photography.  A description of each plant and animal photographed accompany each photo.   Pick up your copy today and experience "The Nature of a Battlefield"....................180 pages 


The much anticipated revised and expanded edition of the Gettysburg Campaign Atlas.  The revised Atlas has 444 maps and is considered an absolute must when walking the battlefield at Gettysburg.

Mr Laino has poured many years of research into this masterpiece, from the march to Gettysburg, July 1st, July 2nd, July 3rd and the retreat and pursuit.  No Civil War library should be without a copy of the Gettysburg Campaign Atlas.

The Revised and Expanded Gettysburg Campaign Atlas- 511 pages

            The Revised and Expanded

Gettysburg Campaign Atlas

   Philip Laino

A Quiet Town No More

Kevin Drake and Lisa Shower


Follow in the footsteps of a news correspondent who came to the town of Gettysburg to visit a friend. Soon he unexpectedly becomes caught up in one of America's bloodiest battles of the Civil War.As the battle unfolds throughout the town, he records all that is happening before him. The young correspondent witnesses how the citizens of Gettysburg react to the fight that came to their small town in this work of historical fiction.      


 A Quiet Town No More -119 pages


This Comprehensive Order of Battle includes *The structure of the armies. *​Changes in command due to casualties. *Commanders from regimental level and above. *Casualties listed by number including killed, wounded and captured/missing. *Percentage of casualties of total engaged for all units. *Short biographical sketches of commanders and key participants in the battle.

Commanders and Casualties at the Battle of  Gettysburg

147 pages

Commanders and casualties at the battle of gettysburg

Steven A. Floyd

Rebels in the front yard

David Cleutz

The story of Liberty Augusta Hollinger and the Battle of Gettysburg. With courage and strength, she dealt with the trials of occupation by the invading Confederate army. In her own front yard, she was a witness to the fears of the South's greatest general, Robert E. Lee.
For three days, she lived with the horror of battle. After the armies departed, she gave herself to the task of caring for the wounded they left behind.  When time came for President Lincoln to consecrate Gettysburg's hallow ground, she witnessed first hand the President's deep sorrow. The first hand accounts, some never revealed before are brilliantly brought to life by her great-grandson....Mr. David Cleutz.​  

Rebels in the Front Yard 100 pages


Widow's Weeds and Weeping Veils: Mourning Rituals in 19th Century America.  This book covers the Civil War Era, Women's History, Fashion and Social and Cultural changes. The book also explains how Victorian America viewed death and dying. This concise, informative work is ideal for students of the 19th Century, Civil War enthusiasts and anyone interested in Victorian culture.​  

 Widow's Weeds and Weeping Veils-56 pages

Test Your Knowledge on the battle of Gettysburg

Kevin Drake



How well do you know the battle of Gettysburg? This book is divided into three skill levels and allows you to grade yourself after each level. Who commanded the 20th Maine at Gettysburg? Who was known as the Boy Colonel? How many original copies of the Gettysburg Address exist today? A fun trivia book to test your knowledge on the greatest battle of the Civil War. 

Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg - 158 pages.  


Widow's Weeds and weeping Veils

Bernadette Loeffel-Atkins


The Medal of Honor is our country's highest military decoration for valor.  Unfortunately, most of the recipients' names, lives and acts of valor, especially from the Civil War, are unknown to most Americans.  The 71 men awarded the Medal of Honor and the 7 men awarded the reactivated Confederate Medal of Honor in the Gettysburg Campaign have faded into history. The author of this book, Roy E. Frampton, through extensive research and numerous photographs, brings the lives of these American heroes back from the past.  May these stories serve that purpose by reminding us of a few ordinary men and their enduring acts of valor standing like Noble Pillars. 

Noble Pillars  8.5  x 11 inches   144 Pages

Noble Pillars

Roy E. Frampton


"The Complete Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign" written by award winning author, Scott Mingus,Sr.
We have taken the the best stories of volume one and two and added new stories and photos to make this issue "The Complete edition" of Scott's hard work and research.  Taken from primary sources, including, diaries, pension records, historical collections, official records, journals,newspapers and books,   presented in chronological order. The Complete Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign will resonate with all those who have an interest in those  fascinating stories, some humorous, some tragic, as seen through the eyes of the soldiers and civilians.

A great gift for those interested in the Battle of Gettysburg..........160 pages

 Jennie Wade of Gettysburg

Cindy L. Small 

Human Interest Stories Of The Gettysburg Campaign

According to the history books, the story of the Battle of Gettysburg ended when the armies departed on July 4,1863. But for the citizens of Gettysburg, their story was just beginning. Many survived three days (July 1-3, 1863) of battle that raged around and through their farms and homes and were left alone to pick up the pieces. To a casual observer, Elizabeth Thorn was no different than all of the other civilians doing their part to restore their town from the devastation of war. However, upon further investigation, she was very different. No other woman in town was a six-month pregnant mother, who simultaneously managed both a household and a cemetery, and acted as sole caretaker to two aging parents.  No other woman was asked to dig nearly a hundred soldiers’ graves. Elizabeth performed all of these strenuous tasks in the heat and the stench of a battlefield of bodies left to rot in the hot summer sun. This is her story and the story of the Evergreen Cemetery, a small-town burial ground that acquired national fame...................84 pages